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Why do I have to pay for the full price even if two bedrooms do not need to be cleaned?

by glimmradmin - March 10, 2018

Short answer: Because our prices are based on the house size, as estimated by the number of bedrooms. Not price for cleaning of each bedroom.

Long answer:

Whenever we receive a new booking, we check it against Zoopla or Rightmove to confirm the number of bedrooms.  If it exceeds that in the order form (because client doesn’t need one or two bedrooms cleaned), we then request from the client to revise the order to the true size.

Even though it may seem somewhat unfair at first glance, it’s easy to understand our reasons for this policy.  It is guided by our top priority – providing the best quality of service for our clients.

To make the booking process painless and predictable, we keep our prices flat and tie them to approximate size of your home.  The simplest way to estimate the size of most homes is by the number of bedrooms.  So, for 3-bedroom home, we prepare a team of two cleaners for approximately three hours.  This allocation allows us to provide the best quality work.

Let’s say that you don’t need to clean two (out of three) of the bedrooms, so you book it as a 1-bedroom home. We send one cleaner and roughly budget 2-3 hours for her before her next appointment.   When she arrives, she has double the anticipated volume of work:  2 or 3 bathrooms, larger kitchen and larger living spaces than anticipated and planned for.  (Also, bathrooms and kitchen are usually far more labor-intensive than bedrooms.)

To deliver the quality that we require and you expect, our cleaner would need to spend 5-6 hours, may become exhausted towards the end (working without a partner), provide a subpar result, and be late for her next appointment.

We want you to receive a great value: a very detailed cleaning that exceeds what other house cleaning companies in Londonand even 5-star hotels provide.  If, for whatever reason, you feel that you didn’t receive your money’s worth, we will always make it right and even issue a refund – based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For all these reasons, we recommend selecting the true size of your home when booking the service and adding in the comments any special requests or requests for discounts.  We read each comment carefully and are fair and responsive.