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How long does it take to clean my home?

by glimmradmin - March 10, 2018

Service time may vary.  The first time takes longer as we learn what works best for your home and where everything is located.  Each subsequent time is faster.


Also, it depends on what condition is your home is in.  Some people keep operating-room conditions at the home and just require a touch up or additional services.  Others have three teenagers, a dog, and two jobs.  We don’t judge you when we find an old slice of pizza stuck behind the dresser.  We’re here to help.  But it may take us a little longer to bring your home into the tip top shape.


Generally, it will take between one to three hours for a smaller home cleaning service and two to four hours for a larger home cleaning service.  No worries, though, we charge a flat rate, so there is no additional charge even if it takes longer!